Most Absurd Celebrity On-Set Demands Of All Time

Mike Myers – Voice Check Shrek

Mike Myers is known for his zany characters and unique brand of humor, and the actor has been known to be very demanding. A good example of this happened during the production of Shrek. Shortly after recording just over a quarter of the voice parts for the film, he decided to redo everything because he disliked the voice. After adding a more Scottish accent to Shrek, the animation crew had to spend 10% of the budget redoing half of the film!

Daniel Day Lewis – Mr. President

We’re huge fans of Daniel Day-Lewis and the actor has been gifted with many awards for his amazing performances. Whenever we see his name on a movie, we know it’s bound to be great! When on a set, he has been known to go to great lengths to stay in character. Apparently, while filming Lincoln, Lewis insisted that everyone refer to him only as Mr. President the entire time! Apparently, it worked though, and the actor won an Academy Award for his performance.

Michelle Rodriguez – Faithful Rewrite

Michelle Rodriguez is an actress who has garnered a strong fanbase over the years. Not only is she a great actress, but she’s become a symbol of success for Latin American women across the country, and the world for that matter. However, because she knows her fanbase well, she demanded that a scene where her character is unfaithful to her partner in The Fast And The Furious be removed because she didn’t like how her fans would perceive her. It worked and the scene was scrapped.

Ben Affleck – Baseball Cap Feud

Ben Affleck was originally born in Massachusetts and is, therefore, a strong supporter of the Red Socks baseball team. In fact, the star is such a strong supporter of the team that when he was required to wear a Yankees cap in the filming of Gone Girl he simply refused to! Filming had to be shut down for four days as he negotiated with the director. Eventually, he agreed to wear the cap – but the decision was sure to cost the producers a lot!

Madonna – Army Or Entourage?

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to travel around with a large entourage. Besides doing so for their personal safety and privacy, a lot of celebs also have assistants who follow them around. However, pop star Madonna is said to have a standard entourage of 30 people and a total 200 on call anytime, anywhere! That includes assistants, dry cleaners, bodyguards, stylists, makeup artists, doctors – you name it. Madonna is literally a walking army and clearly never leaves home lightly, no matter the occasion.

The Beatles – Come Together

The Beatles are one of the most popular bands in history and achieved some pretty amazing things in their time. However, when the band was asked to play in Portland, Oregon back in 1965, they had one simple request. The band said that they would only play if the crowd was non-segregated. Today, this seems obvious, but back then that was pretty radical as racial classification still played a big role in American society. They helped to change the world with that one simple request.

Gary Busey – That’s Not Heaven

Gary Busey is known for being quite a serious actor. After a motorcycle accident in 1988, the actor claimed he had died and gone to heaven. It was a life-changing experience for him, and the images of the afterlife remained clear in his head. During the filming of Quigley, he was shown a mock-up set to represent heaven. He disagreed when he saw the depiction and made changes based on his personal experience of the afterlife. The producers agreed and his changes stayed.

Harrison Ford – Write Out

Harrison Ford’s role as Han Solo, a space bandit and desperado, has been one of his most famous to date. While fans and audiences fell in love with his character, he has apparently did not. According to Ford, he consistently asked George Lucas to write his character out of the Star Wars franchise permanently. We can see attempts of this throughout the franchise, but audiences loved his character too much, so he kept returning! Only three decades later has Lucas finally agreed!

Will Smith – No Ordinary Trailer

Will Smith is definitely a top A-list actor. That means that when he asks for something, producers generally say yes. While filming Men In Black 3, he was living no more than a few blocks from the set. However, before signing the contract, he demanded a $2 million trailer to live in while shooting, complete with $200,000 worth of granite countertops, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small movie theater all built in! Apparently, neighbors complained about the eyesore trailer, but a star gets what a star wants.

Lena Headley and Jerome Flynn – Never In The Same Room

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to break up and then continue to work with one another. It happens all the time – but the truth is that some breakups are a lot worse than others! After their breakup, Lena Headley and Jerome Flynn were (and still are) on pretty shaky ground with one another. When they were both cast in Game Of Thrones, they had contractual agreements in place to ensure they were never in the same room together.

Bruce Willis – A High Price

Bruce Willis is one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood. Because of this, the actor can afford to make some pretty serious requests when he wants to. After having acted in the first two Expendables movies, Bruce decided to up the ante. When the third film came along, he wouldn’t agree to sign the contract unless he was paid a whopping $1 million a day! Needless to say, the producers couldn’t afford that much and Willis lost the role to Harrison Ford instead.

Bill Murray – My Movie Or No Movie

We all love Bill Murray. There’s just something so magnetic about his dry and witty sense of humor that gets us every time. He’s known for being a one of a kind actor – but apparently, he’s also a pretty good negotiator! Before signing the contract for the Ghostbusters movie, the actor said that the studio had to agree to make a film he had written. They did, and soon after filming Ghostbusters, the studio produced The Razor’s Edge – Murray’s own screenplay.

Lindsay Lohan – Now You Try!

Lindsay Lohan is known for being troubled. Before her battle with substance abuse, the actress was known to be quite diligent on set. She enjoyed having fun on set and the best example of this has to be on the set of The Canyons. Lohan was scheduled to do a nude scene but wouldn’t agree to do so until the entire crew stripped down as well. They disagreed, but eventually, the director Paul Schrader stripped down to his socks and they shot the scene!

Sharon Stone – No Paparazzi

The paparazzi comes hand-in-hand with being famous. It’s just a part of life and something celebrities get used after a while. While filming on the set of A Golden Boy, Sharon Stone noticed a few photographers taking pictures of her while on set. Rather than complain to the director, or go home for the day – Stone left the country! Four days later, after a call from her agent, the actress said she would return to Italy only if they guaranteed no photographers while filming.

Dwayne Johnson – Gentle Giants

Dwayne Johnson is really a hulk of a man. He is known for being the new Hollywood strong man and has become a symbol of masculinity in the modern era. However, beneath the muscles and gritty alpha image, Johnson is really a gentleman at heart. During the filming of Rampage, he felt really bad about having George, the Gorilla, killed. So he urged the producers to change the ending – and amazingly, they did. Now that’s power!

Arnold Schwarzenegger – High Life Cyborg

These days, we all associate Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Terminator, a role that both came to define his career and boost his status as an actor. However, rather than playing the tough guy, bad boy, macho-man that he does on-screen – Schwarzenegger can also be quite the diva on set! Apparently while filming Terminator 3, Shwarzenegger requested things like 3-bedroom apartments in any country they shot in, private jets, a private gym and that he hire the entire film crew for the movie!

Will Ferrell – Rainbow Wheels

Will Ferrell is everybody’s funny man. Regardless of whether you like his style of comedy or not – there’s a good chance that he’s made you laugh a few times over the years. But his comedy doesn’t end on screen and the man is just as funny on set as he is off set. Apparently, some of the requests he’s made on set range from a rainbow-painted scooter and a six-foot flight of rolling stairs to a 15-foot fake tree – just for the sake of it!

Samuel Jackson – I Demand It!

When Samuel Jackson acts in a movie, he is known to make requests and to get what he wants. On the set of Star Wars, he wanted to stand out and asked for a purple lightsaber rather than a red or a green one. After a while, George Lucas agreed and he got a purple lightsaber. In Snakes On A Plane, Jackson demanded that the movie contain more violence and, as a result, it got a higher age restriction.

Jamie Foxx – Gimme The Money[/post_page_title]

When Jamie Foxx was offered a leading role in Miami Vice, he simply could not refuse the role. However, rather than simply jumping at the opportunity, he would only agree to sign the contract once the producers confirmed that he was being paid more money than Colin Farrell and that he would never shoot any scenes on boats or planes. On top of that, he even got the writers to change the ending completely. Talk about a diva!

Morrissey – Musical Dictator

Morrissey is known for being a controversial character. Fans of the group were used to seeing him cancel shows frequently or abstain from music for a number of personal issues. In real life, Morrissey is just as neurotic as the persona he portrays and during a festival in South America, he insisted all other performers stay locked in their rooms as he arrived so that he didn’t have to mingle with them and also had a judge fired because of how he winked at a camera.

Taylor Swift – Coffee Addict

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have a few dirty secrets. Taylor Swift is known for being a coffee addict and can always be seen with a large Starbucks coffee anytime before 11 am. Regardless of where she is in the world – it’s like she just always has a Starbucks! According to her contract, she must have “A Grande Caramel Latte (Iced) with two Sweet-n-Lows, a Grande American (Iced) with soy milk and two Sweet-n-Lows, and a slice of pumpkin loaf” every morning.

Shia LaBeouf – Real Scars

In recent times, Shia LaBeouf has received some pretty crazy attention in the press. He’s known for being the kind of guy who doesn’t care what people think about him. Whether he’s making random Youtube videos, beefing with the law, or playing a character – he doesn’t really bother much with public opinion. He’s also quite a no-frills actor and during the filming of Fury, the actor created his own scars with a knife rather than spending hours in makeup every day, on his own insistence.

Cher – A Room For Wigs

Cher is one of the greatest pop stars of all time. Not only has she inspired generation after generation, but her dazzling style and hairdos have left their impression on society as well. Because her wigs have become such an important part of her image, she treats them with incredible care. The star has so many of them, and each is worth so much, that whenever she tours she must have a separate room dedicated to only her wigs!

Britney Spears – Princess Diana

Britney Spears was hailed as America’s sweetheart and her loyal group of fans are still dedicated to her. However, it would appear that Britney is just as much a dedicated loyal fan as they are – but to Princess Diana. Since she began touring, Spears has carried a picture of Princess Diana with her to every show. She admits to being a big fan of Princess Diana and finds inspiration in her and her story. If she forgets the picture – she will demand that one be brought to her.

Van Halen – No M&M’s

Super-famous Metal band Van Halen was one of the biggest rock bands in history. They’re known for having one of the weirdest contracts in the music business. Apparently, their contract was 50 pages long and somewhere in the middle, they specified that the band could not be served brown M&M’s at any point. They later claimed that this was to ensure that signers had read the full contract and not missed any important minor details regarding the sound setup or pyrotechnical safety.