German Circus Replaces Live Animals With Holograms Instead

Many circuses all around the world have now banned the use of any animals. However, it turns out that some circuses have the perfect replacement to the four-legged additions. One German circus has replaced their live animals with holograms instead.

German Circus Replaces Live Animals With Holograms Instead

Pioneering The Future

Circus Roncalli is a German circus that has been running since 1976. Although they have featured many performers over the years, there will be one aspect missing from any future line-ups: animals. Many countries have ruled that animals may no longer be used in the industry, but it seems as though Circus Roncalli has a replacement. The performers now work with holograms instead.

Creating The Animals

A lot of thought has gone into creating the animals. In fact, it took 15 3D designers and software engineers to create holograms with eleven laser beams and over 3,000 processors. Holograms work thanks to mirrors and different wavelengths and sizes of light. This means the team needed to find a way to make the holograms come to life in the circus. They decided to use a round projection that uses 360-degree images to make it look just like the real thing.

German Circus Replaces Live Animals With Holograms Instead

Bringing Them To Life

Guests at the Circus Roncalli are now greeted with a host of animals all thanks to the holograms. Some of the many animals on display include a giant goldfish, an elephant balancing on two feet, and horses stampeding around the arena. The animals appear from nowhere as a ringmaster sits in the middle of the ring controlling the incredible creations. It really is a sight to behold.

Not Alone

Thankfully, Germany isn’t alone with banning animals from their circuses, and it might not be long before many others around the world are looking for alternatives to the acts. It turns out that Circus Roncalli isn’t the only one looking for other forms of entertainment. One circs, Roncalli, has recently found another way to add a difference to their show as they now use robots as their acrobatic partners.

Many people around the world are now looking for ways to make sure that every living being is kept as happy as possible. Banning them from circuses is just one of the many initiatives. Thankfully, this German circus has found a beautiful alternative to the old-fashioned attraction.