Amy Schumer Calls Fans Out for Commenting on Her Changed Appearance

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Amy Schumer has always been outspoken about body positivity and feminism. However, fans seem to think that means they can comment on the comedian’s appearance. To be fair, most people were expressing concern, but there were definitely some trolls in the mix. Not to worry, Schumer’s somewhat different appearance isn’t a sign of anything worrying, and she’s totally fine. In fact, she’d be even better if people would stop commenting on how much “puffier” she looks.

Amy Schumer’s Interview With Jimmy Fallon

Amy Schumer appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the second season of her hit show Life & Beth. The comedian did some stand-up with backup dancers, commented on both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, and chatted with Fallon about her show’s second season. However, the point of Schumer’s appearance on Fallon was undermined by people commenting on how she looked. Social media questioned why the star’s face seemed to be “puffy” and “swollen.”

Schumer Shut it Down

Eventually, Amy Schumer felt that she needed to respond, which she did on social media on February 15th. She wrote, “Thank you so much for everyone’s input about my face! I’ve enjoyed feedback and deliberation about my appearance as all women do for almost 20 years. And you’re right it is puffier than normal right now. There are some medical and hormonal things going on in my world right now but I’m okay. I also believe a woman doesn’t need any excuse for her physical appearance and owes no explanation. But I wanted to take the opportunity to advocate for self-love and acceptance of the skin you’re in. Like every other woman/person, some days I feel confident and good, and others I want to put a bag over my head. But I feel strong and beautiful and so proud of this TV show I created. Wrote. Starred in and directed. Maybe just maybe we can focus on that for a little.”

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Fans seemed to appreciate the master class in how to shut down critics and swarmed the actress’s social media with support. One person wrote, “You are beautiful inside and out and so funny!!!!!!” A second agreed, “Yeeees! Finally season 2!!!! Can’t wait! PS: I love your face.” While a third echoed, “Keep crushing it, shoom.”