Uber Is Reopening Their UberCopter Service In NYC

Getting an Uber on the ground is so last year, and now it’s all about taking to the skies through the commuting app. Get ready to rack up some air miles as Uber is reopening its UberCopter service in New York City this summer. Here’s what you need to know.

Uber Is Reopening Their UberCopter Service In NYC

It’s Back!

UberCopter first appeared in the skies of Sao Paulo, Brazil, as an experiment three years ago. The trial period wasn’t a huge success, but there was enough promise for Uber to keep their UberCopter idea in the pipeline. The helicopter service is back, and this time it’s heading to the skyline of New York City as it looks to provide an easier way of getting around the city. Say goodbye to those traffic jams.

Where And When?

The on-demand helicopter service is proposing to run between JFK International Airport and lower Manhattan. They will be available for the afternoon commute during the week for workers looking to get to their meetings in super quick time. The copters will be available for diamond and platinum users of the Uber app but will only become available to those users in the New York area. People wishing to ride on the UberCopter can book their flights up to five days in advance.

Uber Is Reopening Their UberCopter Service In NYC

The Cost To The User

The cost to ride in the UberCopter is actually more affordable than many might think. With the service, Uber users will be driven to the copter in a car, then flown to their destination before being taken the rest of the way in another car. It’s a pretty spectacular service, and it will only set customers back $200. Sure that’s a lot more than a regular Uber, but can they take to the sky to avoid sitting in traffic for an hour? The entire trip is expected to last no longer than 30 minutes, including the eight minutes in the air.

When Do They Start?

The service is expected to begin running on July 9, but it’s not expected to be a permanent arrangement. If successful, the service could be rolled out to other cities. Uber hopes the service can show how it’s possible to incorporate flying into people’s commutes.

Uber seems to be taking over the taxi duties in our cities, and if their UberCopter plans go ahead, they might take over the skies too.