Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple Should Have Broken Up Years Ago

Apple has grown to become one of the biggest tech companies in the world, but if Steve Wozniak had his way, things might have been different. Instead of being the huge central corporation it is today, the Apple co-founder wanted the company to break up years ago.

Going Independent

Wozniak was speaking with Bloomberg when he explained he wished Apple had split into separate division a long time ago. He wanted the different division of Apple to go off and work in different places, independent of the leading company in California. This was a model he appreciated when he worked at Hewlett-Packard, and he thought it would have worked well at Apple.

Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple Should Have Broken Up Years Ago

Going Too Far

Although he helped to create Apple, Wozniak believes that most tech giants have gone too far. He thinks these huge market leaders have become a “powerful force in our life,” and because they are so big, they have taken our choices away.

Wozniak did think his company was still the best though, because Apple mostly makes its money from selling products rather than tracking people. He even suggests that some of the tech giants should have an option where users can pay to stop their data being collected.

Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple Should Have Broken Up Years Ago

Splitting Apple’s Core

Wozniak wanted Apple to split into separate divisions to help bring a more creative environment. He said that when he worked at HP, he was free to work into the evening with all of the tools already at his disposal. Wozniak also believed the added bonus of living in a different part of the country, like Colorado, had a positive effect on his mentality.

The Apple co-founder didn’t have many people back up his idea of splitting the company up, and for now, it still remains one big entity in Silicon Valley.