Startup Aims To Revolutionize Hotel Industry With New Technology

Room service is one of those first world issues that can drive us crazy from time to time. From a technological standpoint, hotel hospitality has some catching up to do.

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But one startup company is trying to solve this issue. AavGo is installing iPads into a selection of hotels in order make communication flow easier between staff members.

Not only that, but guests will also be able to liaise with staff to make room service that much easier. This is aimed to eliminate tedious phone calls or needless walks to the front desk.

Just recently, AavGo launched this initiative at five hotels. This means that guests at The Row Hotel and Hotel Strata will be able to communicate with staff members through their own personal iPads during their stays.

Moreover, this means that guests will be able to ask for whatever they might need or want, including meals, toiletries and pillows.

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“We’re trying to eliminate the need of a phone call,” Co-founder Mrunal Desai said. “And eliminate the need of going to the front desk. If the customer needs any kind of service from the hotel, you can request it from the tablet.”

For hotels, the only things that they need to operate the technology is good Wi-Fi. But AavGo has its fair share of competitors, most notably ALICE, which currently operates in hotels such as Triumph, Sixty and Nylo.

Despite appearing to be very similar companies, Desai insists that the two serve completely different purposes. According to him, AavGo wants to provide their technology to all sorts of hotels. Also, AavGo has in-room tablets.

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And with $1 million worth of funding already, Desai has big visions for his startup. He aims to have AavGo operating in 50 hotels by the turn of the year and to reach 500 hotels within two years. AavGo currently charges its hotels $5 per room each month.