The Best Ways To Track Your Crypto Currency

Crypto currencies have changed the face of the world economy forever. Traditional investments have involved handing your hard earned cash over to an established financial institution, letting them handle it, sit on it for a few years without touching it, and hope that the odds (and interest rates) worked in your favor.

Nowadays, millenials (and more senior investors, as well!) are taking a totally different approach to investing and growing their moolah, and that involves a more active – rather than passive – role. Crypto currencies fit perfectly into this new trend of shaking things up. Millenials and modern day investors aren’t afraid of the volatility that more traditional lending houses and banks say make Bitcoin and Monero bad investments.

Because the values of crypto currencies are forever going up and down, it’s super important for investors to keep track of peaks and valleys in the market. Downloading a crypto currency tracking app is the easiest and most convenient way to stay on top of losses and gains in this brave new world.


Blockfolio is very unique in that it cannot be accessed from a desktop computer – it is available exclusively as a mobile app. It can track a huge amount of unique coins at once. Blockfolio can also be customized to fit your every whim – balances can be hidden in favor of just percentage changes (so that you don’t have a heart attack in public), a newsfeed with updates, and alerts for coins reaching certain prices – super helpful if you need to cash out or buy in!


While Delta is fairly similar to Blockfolio, there are a few significant differences. It can’t show you as much information about unique coins as Blockfolio can, but it does let you track several different portfolios and has a watchlist option available, etc.