Want an Ad-Free Experience on Social Media? It’ll Cost You!

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

Doom-scrolling social media has become part of our daily routine. While doing so, all of us have encountered thousands of ads showing us just what we want—or don’t want.

The question is: there must be a better way—what if we could experience social media on our devices without any ads? Well, now you can. But it’s going to cost you. Welcome to the new world order of paid subscriptions to avoid ads.

The Subscription Model

Meta, the parent tech company running both Facebook and Instagram, has developed a new subscription model for users to get rid themselves of pesky ads for good.

Wikimedia Commons // Blogtrepreneur // CC BY 2.0

Through a subscription model across EEA, the EU, and Switzerland, users will now be able to pay their ad problems away—literally!


Launching in November, this new monthly subscription model will protect the users and their information from being used for ads as long as they are subscribed. Varying as per the location across the EU, Switzerland, and EEA, the price to use Instagram or Facebook on the web for approximately USD $10.83 per month.

For Android and iOS, the cost hits circa USD $14.08 per month. This subscription will be applicable to all the linked accounts across social media platforms. Are you going to invest in it, and never see an ad again? Or save the cash and deal with it?