Wondering What Your Cat is Feeling? Here is an App That Will Tell You What’s Going On

Being a cat parent can be very challenging, especially when you are still bonding with your feline. Every day we see thousands of uploads of funny videos and photos that pet parents share with the world. In general, taking care of any animal can be challenging, especially when you cannot pinpoint what is going on with it. Keeping this factor in mind, a company specializing in animal health technology has developed a unique app. Let us get to know what it is all about and how it can help you.

Introducing Tably, the Intelligent App Designed for a Cat Parent

Slyvester.ai, a company in Calgary, Alberta, developed an app that allows you to use a smartphone’s camera to understand what your feline is feeling. The app quickly detects if the feline is in distress by scanning the change of the whiskers, muzzle tension, narrowing of the eyes, the position of ears and head.

So, How Did the Developers Decide on Something Like This?

In a recent interview, Miche Priest, the venture lead of Sylvester.ai, stated that this app works around the same concept of the FGS or feline grimace scale. FGS is said to be a reliable and valid tool that helps to assess feline pain levels. Through this app, owners will get to know if their feline is experiencing any pain or not. He further added that they could train the machine using a series of images and machine learning technology.

Who Can Benefit From This App?

As per Calgary’s Wild Rose, Cat Clinic’s Dr. Liz Ruelle stated that this app is beneficial not just for feline owners but even young veterinarians. Dr. Rulle, also part of the team of developers who train algorithms, further stated that this app would be a boon for cat owners to know exactly what is going on with their furbabies.