Uber’s Latest Service Will Benefit Healthcare Providers And Patients

Uber’s latest service, Uber Health, wants to provide a safe and reliable healthcare-related transportation option. Uber Health will act as a middleman between healthcare providers and patients. By giving doctors, nurses, and physical therapists the ability to order rides for their patients, Uber Health should eliminate a major problem specific to senior citizens and patients without a method of transportation.

According to statistics from the Community Transport Association, up to 3.6 million Americans don’t make previously scheduled doctor appointments because they don’t have a way to get there. For individuals who suffer chronic illnesses, this can be particularly problematic.


Uber Health provides healthcare specialists with the ability to schedule rides for patients immediately, or up to 30 days in advance, as well as an option to schedule several rides using just one dashboard.

If you’re wondering how patients without smartphones will be able to use the app, Uber Health has them covered because their rides can be ordered through text message and ride information can also be given via landline. At the moment, Uber Health is undergoing a beta test with over 100 hospitals, clinics, rehab center, senior care facilities, home care centers, and physical therapy providers.


Interestingly enough, most of the population that would benefit from Uber Health probably have never even heard of ride sharing to begin with. “Uber Health address a clear and identified need among Americans,” stated Roger Enter, head analyst at Recon Analytics.

“Many Americans are infirm and unable to afford going to the hospital using an ambulance, and currently many are choosing regular rideshare or taxi services to get to the hospital,” Enter explains. One big concern is that the average Uber driver is not qualified to deal with or treat extremely ill patients and it’s important to remember that Uber Health should not be seen as a substitute for an ambulance. While it’s still in the early stages, there is no doubt that Uber Health has the potential to benefit the world of healthcare tremendously.