Tinder’s New Feature Will Help You Meet Your Soulmate At A Cafe

Tinder has always been an app that’s been mostly location-based, as it shows you young people in your vicinity who might have interests or friends in common with you. The app figured that the possibility of having mutual friends might mean that a couple has more to connect over, but now they’re broadening their scope even more. Though the app has been talking about what they call “Tinder Places” for some time now, they’ve finally begun testing it with actual users.

The two locations to have the opportunity to try the new feature first are Australia and Chile. Working with infrastructure created by Foursquare, users can now find matches based on the places they check into.

Gone are the days where you spy someone at the dog park only to have them leave without ever catching their name. Instead of worrying about missing your soulmate when you didn’t have the courage to say hello to the cutie at the cafe, you can hope that both of you checked in, and will, therefore, have a chance to let love blossom.

Unlike the regular Tinder app, users will only be able to swipe through places that they have also been. Their profile is added to the map about a half an hour after they leave the location, and they’ll be able to look through potential matches at each locale for 28 days after their visit.

App users also won’t be able to simply view another users Places map, they can only see which places the two have in common. As of now, the company has said they want to see how the first two test runs go before planning to bring the feature to the United States. If it goes well, however, you might just meet the love of your life at the local watering hole.