Quillbot Alternatives of 2022: The Best of the Best

QuillBot is the de facto industry standard, but the time has come to move on to something better, faster, and more effective. That’s where this list of QuillBot alternatives comes in. These apps are also alternate options you can use to help you with your online marketing strategies without costing you an arm and a leg (or your sanity).

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered writing service. It can write content for you at a very rapid pace and comes up with fresh content whenever you ask it to generate stuff for you. QuillBot uses algorithms to learn from every piece of content that has been generated by it and its human writers, making each new piece unique in style and form.

What are the Advantages of QuillBot?

QuillBot helps small businesses complete one of their most dreaded tasks — writing high-quality content. With a click, you can hire an experienced writer to create great content without wasting time and energy researching, proofreading, fact-checking, and editing. You must have heard that it’s cheaper to outsource projects than do them in-house. With QuillBot, you can be assured that there’s no better value for your money.

Jasper AI

By far, Jasper AI is one of our favorite alternatives to QuillBot. It boasts as much speed and quality but at a fraction of QuillBot’s price and with better availability. Though QuillBot is still the top recommendation for first-time customers and businesses, Jasper AI might be a good fit for more established teams or those who need custom training beyond what’s offered out-of-the-box. Jasper AI is one of those QuillBot alternatives that make it worth signing up for. It provides comprehensive, in-depth writing and research services, so if you’re not satisfied with just a single-purpose service, then you will love Jasper AI. It will customize each writing to suit your needs — whether it’s an academic paper, a fiction novel, or even poetry! It’s great for writers looking to fill in holes in their current skill set.


Spinbot is one of the best tools for content creation. It can be used to check grammar and style, plus it helps people remember essential points in articles as they spin them up. You can also set a certain percentage that you want Spinbot to rewrite in a given piece. For example, if you wish 80% of your content to be paraphrased, you can scan the article with Spinbot and select the text and percentage. Then, SpinBot will do the rest, and you will have the new text to use.


With nearly 20 million users, Grammarly is one of the best and most popular alternatives to QuillBot. If you’re looking for a tool that helps you check for spelling and grammar mistakes in real-time, Grammarly is your best bet. It offers automated proofreading — pretty much the same as what QuillBot does — and there are also available add-ons such as research tools, plagiarism detection, and citation suggestions. Key features include a fully automated proofreading tool, automatic spelling correction, intelligent plagiarism detection, etc. You can also upgrade to the premium version for a better, more professional experience.