Dating App, Badoo, Is Here To Solve The Ghosting Issue

In a day and age when dating apps are all the range, so is ghosting, apparently. With the rise of potential soulmates with every swipe, there is also great potential for ghosting or being ghosted by every match. That is why Badoo is looking to change this and has introduced a new feature to prevent ghosting before its too late.


The dating app, Badoo, will now offer pre-existing responses to users who may have ghosted their potential match. If after three days there is no response from you, the app will give you a subtle reminder to check back at your conversation with your match. With one simple tap, you can let the person on the receiving end know if you are still interested, without having to compose your own “Sorry I never saw this!” message. Moreover, if you are, in fact, no longer interested, there is a composed message ready for you to click on to send instead.


The responses have also been put in place as a way to encourage users to get back onto the app, and hope that no one is being ghosted in the meantime. Currently, this new feature is being tested in Europe and will later roll out for testing in the U.S. before being available to everyone next year. Hopefully, that will mean 2019 will become the year that fewer people were ghosted and people were actually on the right path to finding their perfect match.


While dating apps may not be to everyone’s taste, they have certainly proven successful with partners, marriages, and children, all coming from just a simple swipe. So, before you think about ghosting someone next time you’re on the app, perhaps give the conversation a better try or tell them you’re not interested! If you can’t think of a response, then at least Badoo can help.