3 of the Best Streaming Apps That Everyone’s Downloading Right Now

With more and more time on our hands, it seems as though everyone is jumping on board the streaming wagon. Who even needs live television anymore, right? There are so many streaming apps to offer, and all of them come with their own niche. There are some that focus on a specific television station and network while others focus on reality television and ones that even focus on nature and animals, among plenty of other options. Yes, these are the best streaming apps everyone is downloading right now.

3 of the Best Streaming Apps That Everyone’s Downloading Right Now


Let’s be honest — Disney+ is the hot ticket item right now. Featuring everything from Disney classics to new original shows and movies, this is a dream for adults and children alike. Of course, this streaming service doesn’t just have these animations and live-action creations for people to watch. This app also comes complete with National Geographic content, alongside the Star Wars and Marvel universes. Do you even need anything else?


We’re gonna go ahead and assume that most people have Netflix. It’s arguably one of the most popular streaming apps that this world has to offer, and it’s known for its original movies and television shows that just seem to get better and better as the months go by. In fact, we don’t know where we’d be without the likes of Love Is Blind and Tiger King. These are the shows that are keeping us going.

3 of the Best Streaming Apps That Everyone’s Downloading Right Now


Although Hulu is owned by the head honchos at Disney, you can choose to have this streaming service without the Disney+ add-on if you don’t want it. Featuring shows and movies from different networks — HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax — this streaming app certainly isn’t short on content. Whether you want to watch Family Guy from season one or delve deep into the lives of those in The Handmaid’s Tale, this streaming service has got your back.

So, which one of these streaming apps will you download first?