The Best Apps To Help You Sleep Better Each Night

Getting enough high quality sleep at night is one of the most important things we can do for our health each and every day. With each successive study that is released on sleep and human body and mind, it has become clearer to medical professionals that many of the chronic illnesses we are dealing with on an ever-increasing scale could be aided by better sleep.

Though technology is thought to possibly interrupt those natural processes, here are a few apps that will help you sleep better.


Pillow is one of the most comprehensive sleep apps available for smartphones today. It not only tracks your sleep cycle in order to figure out the most gentle time to wake you up in the morning, but it also can help you figure out the best way to get a nap in, whether you want to sleep for 15, 45, or 120 minutes.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is another app that tracks your actual sleep patterns. It might sound a little creepy, but the app knows where you are in your sleep cycle by recording your movements with a microphone. Like Pillow, you set a window for when you want to wake up, and Sleep Cycle will set an alarm when you’re in your lightest phase of sleep.

Apple Bedtime

Bedtime, especially as an Apple specific app, is a little bit more limited in its scope than the other two apps. With it, you can set an amount of time you want to sleep based on when you want to wake, up and the app can send you notifications to tell you when to go to bed. Also, unlike the other alarms on your phone, the alarm you set with Bedtime offers a far more gentle wake up than any blaring ringtone that jolts you from your slumber.