These Apps Can Help You Take Better Care of Your Plants

Many people want to be better at taking care of plants, but it can be quite tricky as some are temperamental. Thankfully these apps will help guide you on your journey from growing a few seeds into a beautifully bloomed flower or plant.

These Apps Can Help You Take Better Care of Your Plants


If you’re looking for a free app to take care of most of your plant-based needs, then Florish could be the one for you. The app asks you to enter your plants’ species and gives you a ton of information about how to look after them. You will discover the water and light preferences of your plants as well as the ideal times to feed them. That’s not all, though, and Florish will also send you watering reminders to make sure you fulfill those needs.


If remembering to water your plants is your biggest problem, then Gardenia can really help you out. The app won’t bombard you with information about your plants, but it will send you reminders to water and fertilize them. Not only that, but once you add your plants to your profile, the app will also notify you when it’s time to repot, prune, and harvest your babies.

These Apps Can Help You Take Better Care of Your Plants


Despite our best efforts, sometimes our plants get sick, and we don’t know what to do to make them healthy again. PictureThis uses a camera-enabled plant identifier, which will then give you detailed care guides. The app uses an AI that can diagnose what is wrong with your plants as well as providing you with access to a community of plant lovers to discuss with. With a premium version of the app, you can even get customized advice from real-life plant experts.

There is an app for pretty much every plant-lover’s needs. These apps give their users plenty of information and help to make sure there are no more plant casualties in our homes again.