Sorry Android Users, These Apps Are Only For iPhones

Smartphones make our lives easier every day thanks to the enormous amount of apps we download to help manage various aspects of our day.

The App Store opened in 2008 and gave iPhone users the opportunity to dive into the first digital store for mobile software.

Due to the iPhone’s popularity, some developers have created apps only compatible with iOS. Take a look at some of the best on the iPhone-only market.


Smartphones have placed a powerful camera in the hands of each user. With photo editing apps, anyone can become a photographer with beautifully snapped and edited images.

Darkroom is so powerful it gets you nearly an experience like Photoshop at the convenience of your mobile device. Sure, there are plenty of pre-set filters, but you can also create your own and tweak a variety of details on your photo.


Are you a die-hard Reddit user? If you also have an iPhone, Apollo is a must-have app. Apollo brings Reddit to your iPhone in such a simple manner.

It feels and looks almost native to the iPhone as you scroll through your favorite topics and subreddits. In addition, you can customize it to your liking.


Note taking seems like a simple task, that is, until you try it with Bear. It is super easy to format your text clearly and has plenty of great features. For one, you can link between notes with relying on hashtags to do so.

Your notes will sync through the iCloud, so you can see your notes on all your devices.


Are you tired of the family portrait sitting as your iPhone background? WLPPR provides huge selections of background images to choose from. WLPPR is special in that all the images are taken from overhead.

Choose from options like water, drones, universe, and simple to get your phone look fancy.